Top 5 Best Water Geyser in India 2021: Hot water heaters or geysers are one of the basic requirement that every house is needed in this busy life. As everyone wants the hot water instantly as we open the tap to avoid time wastage. There are various brands that offers various geysers with advanced technology and safety concerns by giving all the necessary elements into product.

The basic features that we all need to check when buying geysers are thermostat that auto temperature cut, auto power off, led indicators, corrosion & rust free tanks, high pressure engaging pipe rods.

All the emerging companies provides these basic requirements in their products. So, here are few recommendations from my side for you to choose between them according to our need of capacity.


1.) V-Guard Pebble 25-Litre: Best Water Heater

25 litre water Geyser Heater

The first geyser in the list of Top 5 Best Water Geyser in India 2021 is the V- Guard pebble 25 litre water Geyser Heater. The V-Guard Pebble 25-Litre Water Heater is known to be one of the best water heaters that bring the various innovations together. This water heater is so designed that it matches perfectly with any of the design and interior of the bathroom.

The inner thick coating of the tank is created using an Engineered Polymer Anti Corrosion [EPAC] technology which separates the tank from any kind of water and resistance to rust, thus increasing the life span of the product. Incoloy heating element with 800 materials with high quality magnesium oxide powder offers high quality water heating performance and long life of tank.

The working pressure of 8kg/cm square makes it perfectly suitable for multi-storied buildings. This pebble water heater is specifically designed with magnesium anode to protect tank from inner corrosion that occured due to hard water quality. Thus, it makes it more compatible to use even in hard water places.

This water heater uses whirl flow water technology that is it prevents the collision of hot and cold water inside the tank which optimizes the usage of energy.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 15-litre
  • Outer coating of tank is rust proof ABS material and inner tank uses EPAC technology for prevention of corrosion
  • Working pressure 8kg/cm square
  • Indology 800 material for hard water qualities
  • 8 year warranty on inner tank, 4 year warranty on heating element and 3 year warranty of whole product.

2.) AO Smith HSE-SDS-015 Water Heater

15-litre water Geyser heater

Next geyser in the list of Top 5 Best Water Geyser in India 2021 is AO Smith. This 15-litre water Geyser heater is one of the most convenient and easy to use water heater provided by AO Smith brand. This AO Smith water heater completes all the basic requirements which are needed for medium sized families.

You can set temperature between 25 and 75 degree Celsius using the temperature knobs present on the top of it. Blue colored diamond coating technology increases the life of the tank which prevents it from corrosion and rust from hot water flow into it. Also, if the temperature exceeds the highest limit then the thermal cutout cuts off the power which makes it energy efficient.

The anode rod of inner tank are made of stainless steel which protects it from corrosion and rust. These rods also use cathodic action which fights inner elements and increases the life span of the tank.

The safety valves are present to relieve and carry out water when pressure reaches above the limit. The glass coating on heating element helps to prevent scale formation and extends the life span of element.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Warranty: 7 years warranty on inner tank, 4 years extra warranty on heating element and 2 years comprehensive warranty on product
  • Double coated glass lining to prevent corrosion
  • Safety valves to prevent overflow of water.

3.) Havells Monza EC 10 Water Heater (Geyser)

10-litre water heater

This 10-litre water heater is specially designed for medium sized families whose required compatible yet affordable water heater for their daily needs. This water heater is well designed in such way that it can fit very easily with every color combination in one’s bathroom. It has mounting design and light color which makes it perfectly fit with bathroom or kitchen walls.

This has thermostat technology which helps in adjusting temperature as required. You can set it’s temperature in range of 25-75 degree celsius. The water tubes has fitting of whirlflow technology which avoids direct contact between hot and cold water which also optimises the energy consumption.

The tank is made up of ultra thick cold rolled plates which also features feroglass dry powder coating technology. The magnesium anode rods with steel core protects tank from rust and corrosion.

The pipes of water heater are made up of stainless steel which makes it more durable to long time. The pipes also have 8 bar pressure of working.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 10 litre
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Warranty: 5 Years warranty on inner container and 2 years comprehensive warranty
  • Energy saving high density PUF installations
  • Anode rods protects tank from corrosion and rust
  • Feroglass technology
  • Adjustable temperature knobs.

4.) Bajaj New Shakti 15-litres Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

15 liter water geyser

Bajaj is one of the most prominent and trustworthy brand in terms of electronic appliances. They comes with very high creative and advanced water heaters. Like wise this 15 liter water geyser which is well equipped and is much affordable to daily needs requirement.

The energy efficient calenta storage of this water heater can stores the water for longer time that saves maximum energy. The swirlflow technology used in pipes fastens the heating speed by 20% which also ensures energy safety and time.

To prevents the inner tank from corrosion and rust there is special coating of titanium armour technology is used. And the outer body is made up of single weld metal sheet which extends the life of tank as well.

The water heater can keep pressure upto 8kg/cm square which makes it compatible for high storey buildings that holds hard water level.

There are multiple safety systems are present in water heater which protects it from overflow, dry heating , over flow of hot water, corrosion and rust.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 15 litre
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty on tank and 2 years on product
  • Glass lining coating inner tank
  • Multiple safety protection from dry heating, over flow and pressure
  • Swirflow technology of pipes.

5.) Crompton Bliss 3-litre Instant Water Heater

3 litter water heater

Crompton Brand itself made it’s well trustful reputation in electronic device market. The provided water heater from crompton are well used in household these days.

This 3 litter water heater makes it perfectly compatible to use in kitchen areas and bathrooms due to it’s design and color enhancements. The copper heating element enables the geyser to speed up the heating process.

The LED indicator on the heater indicates us when to use hot water that is it glows the green light when the water gets heated to use. This water heater can withstand the pressure of 6.5 kg/cm square which makes it compatible to use in high rise buildings.

The anti-siphon technology used in the water tank helps to prevents the back flow of water and dry heating. The container body is made up of stainless steel which retains heat and increases the performance of tank to longer life.

With existence of thermostat, reset knob and pre-set thermal cut-out, it provides dual safety. It is designed to stay protected from sudden power cut & voltage variations.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 3-litres
  • Power: 3000 watts
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on product
  • Multiple safety valves from protection of dry heating, thermal cut out, power cut
  • Stainless steel tank with corrosion free coating
  • LED indicators
  • Special Copper heating element.


So, these are best recommended water heater that you can choose to install at your home space. These water heaters provides all the required needs for geysers. Like auto cut option, prevention from dry heating, corrosion, rust, over flow and heating.

Besides this also provides safety preventions in every aspect. You don’t have to wait for water to get heated as all advanced versions include instant heating process that allows you to use hot water at any given time.

All the companies provides multiple options to choose between geysers as per our budget and installation criteria. Hence choose the best and enjoy the hot water shower in winters.

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