JSB HF60 Leg Foot Shiatsu Massager Review – Best therapy massager

We all know how foot massage gives a better relaxing feeling every now and then, this could really help to relax those tired little foot especially after a long day of standing and walking around.

Even in your busy day, you should always give even just a little time to take good care of your feet. Leg and foot massage have many benefits not just by making you feel relaxed and relieving some pain, but also giving health benefits to our body.

Foot and leg massage comes with lots of massage types like reflexology that helps to improve our internal organ to function by just keeping focus on the specific areas in the foot.

Shiatsu massage helps feet feel better, it also relieves pain in your feet.You can automatically feel the effect after several minutes of use. Many shiatsu foot leg massagers are in the market today, but this one product stands out from all of them with lots of features and benefits. JSB HF60 Leg Foot Shiatsu Massager with Heat option is very great when it comes to massaging tired feet.

JSB HF60 Leg Foot Shiatsu Massager with Heat option Features:

  • Product speed: 2 speed setting
  • Weight: 20.5 kg
  • Product dimension: 22.8″ X 22.4″ X 28″
  • Power source: AC
  • Type: Kneading + Vibratory + Heat Leg, Foot and Thigh Massager
  • Power requirement: 90W
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty

JSB HF60 Leg Foot Shiatsu Massager Highlights:

  • It has vibration methods in foot soles.
  • with kneading feature to increase blood circulation.
  • It has heat features for relaxing tired muscles.
  • With special rollers for calve muscle, ball and arch of foot.
  • It squeezes and massages feet, ankles and calves.

JSB HF60 Leg Foot Shiatsu Massager with Heat Review:

In today’s modern technology, we are benefited with several leg massagers. It is not difficult to choose to have one for your massage needs. The JSB HF51 Leg Foot Shiatsu Massager with Heat option was designed to give an electronic simulation with a required pressure point on the side of the sole that helps you relax.


  • Effectively squeezes and massages ankles, feet and calves at the same time.
  • With flexible rubber kneading pads that help you feel like a real massager.
  • soothing heat on foot soles.
  • With special rollers to target specific areas of the foot.
  • reflexology effect with a very gentle vibration mode.

JSB HF12 Oxygen and Blood Circulation Massager Review


  • The product is a little bit heavy.
  • The product is a bit pricey.
  • Vibration can sometimes more stronger.

JSB HF51 Leg Foot Shiatsu Massager is a very high quality device, that will enhance the circulation of blood throughout our body and able to help you get a good night’s sleep or a very relaxing experience you’ll ever have.

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